Miguel Tena celebrates 10 years of music with ‘Hambre de piel’: ‘Killian Jornet is my idol’

“This lonely time lived in this 2020 has made me reflect a lot about the path I want my music and lyrics to take and with this work I intend, not a” Don’t look back “, but a remembering this last decade, sharing the other time with everyone and move towards the new album that will be tested in the live shows that we can do in 2021.

“Songs to remember” makes up a collection of topics published by Miguel Tena in the last decade. All the songs on the album have been mastered by Joe Lede and it is released under the Rose Records label.

Si “Songs to remember” closes a stage, “The definitive success”, the first album marked the beginning of this and would determine the resulting sound in later works. The album was produced by Luis Miguel Romero-Lozada, known as Luismi Huracán (Bunbury, Leiva), recorded by César Pop (Leyva), Manuel Mejías Martos (Leyva, Dani Martín), Jorge Santana (Gloria Gaynor, Chema Vílchez) and mastered by the legendary Greg Calbi, master of artists such as Lou Red, David Bowie and Bon Iver.

Miguel Tena celebrates his 10 years of music by launching ‘Hambre de piel’

In addition to the songs already published, the album includes the unpublished topic
“Hunger for skin”, unfortunately very current, which speaks of the loneliness of the pandemic, the one that I experienced when I was suddenly separated from my partner and my loved ones and the one that millions of people lived like me. That hunger for skin that our bodies feel every day. For me, one of the greatest sadnesses that this pandemic has brought and from which, for sure, we will overcome very soon. Hambre de piel is a single rock with folk and American overtones, which aims to recover the sounds of the 60s, the artist’s references. It is produced by Carlos Nebot and remastered by Joe Lede.


“Songs to remember” It is a collection of photos, there are songs that have a special value for me or that marked my life at a certain moment. Among them there is a space reserved for “Starting Over”, a very special theme that questions the eternal resurgence of the ashes when you feel the loss of a loved one; There is no road, a tribute to the many dusty roads and paths that we have traveled to touch and make vibrate, laugh or cry to what our songs shared; With money and without money, a declaration of intentions in which we make it clear that we are not in this for the money, we are here because music completes us and makes us better, therapy sessions shared with friends and strangers. “

Miguel Tena celebrates his 10 years of music by launching 'Hambre de piel'

Miguel Tena celebrates his 10 years of music by launching ‘Hambre de piel’

The compilation also represents a tribute to the few musicians and friends who have been a constant in these 10 years, the multi-instrumentalist Víctor Guadiana also a fundamental part of my first album, the bassist and guitarist Fede Chicou, and the singer, guitarist and producer Carlos Nebot, the three dear friends and companions of unspeakable adventures.

The sportiest test for Miguel Tena

1- Are you a sports fan?

Yes, but not the massive ones, I always liked watching the Judo competitions (I reached a black belt), volleyball and cycling.

2- Do you practice any?

The truth is that whenever I can I go out with the bike, in the morning or in the afternoon and I also use it as a means of transport

3- What team are you from?

By family tradition and by neighborhood, in soccer for Atlético de Madrid and Rayo Vallecano, because my school and my institute were there, and like most of my friends. Of the two years that I studied at Ramiro de Maeztu, I have held Estudiantes in my heart.

4- With which athlete would you like to collaborate?

Alberto Contador, although he is retired, it would be an honor for me.

5- What great sporting event would you like to put a hymn to?

The Tour of Spain without hesitation.

6- What stadium would you like to fill?

If you can choose, the Wanda of course!

7- If you had to dedicate yourself to a sport, what would it be?

Cycling, I think it is the one that I have spent the most hours apart from Judo, it clears my mind.

8- With which athlete do you feel most identified?

Killian Jornet since he is capable of achieving the greatest challenges and also does not mind sharing triumph with his rivals, which makes him an even greater athlete. An all-rounder that is not tied to a single discipline. I also like to develop various musical styles and share with everyone who makes a song succeed.