Miguel Bosé to Évole: ‘I don’t talk to people with a mask’

This Sunday (9:25 pm on La Sexta) one of the most anticipated interviews is broadcast. Jordi Évole talks with Miguel Bosé in full controversy over the attitudes and statements of the singer about the pandemic.

And the truth is that the conversation will not disappoint. At least that is what is deduced after seeing the progress that we have been able to see in the last hours.

In them you see a defiant Bosé who reaffirms his denial about the coronavirus crisis, and even at a given moment He asks the presenter to remove “the mask” because he does not speak “with people with masks.”

Afterwards, Évole asks him how many times a day he uses hydroalcoholic gel, to which he answers that “none”.

How many PCR have you done this year?”, He questions afterwards. “None”, He answers sharply. “The truth is not known or has not wanted to know because there is a plan devised so that it is not known,” he says later.

In the interview Évole also talks about his love life, the loss of voice and the death of his mother, Lucía Bosé.

My mother did not die of Covid, and that has to stop now”, Miguel Bosé answers when the journalist brings up the subject.