Miguel Bosé reveals in ‘Lo de Évole’ what he voted in the last elections

Miguel Bosé reappeared a week ago on the show Jordi Évole after years absent on television to talk about his professional career, relationship with family, emotional problems and the coronavirus pandemic, of which he is a declared denier.

A week later, The sixth has broadcast the second part of the interview in which the journalist continued to ask the artist about all current affairs.

One of the topics that the Catalan presenter wanted to address was politics. About it, Jordi Évole wanted to know if Miguel Bosé he had voted in the last elections. The interpreter assured that he had gone to the consulate to exercise his right to vote. The host of the interview wanted to know more and asked him directly who he had voted for.

Miguel Bosé in ‘Lo de Évole’

In white”, Said without hesitation the artist, who currently resides in Mexico City. After that, he added that “with the information I have today, I would never have given my support to the PSOE. After the time of Felipe González I continued doing it out of loyalty ”.