Miguel Bosé now attacks Jordi Évole: ‘I hoped there wasn’t so much cheating’

Killing the messenger is one of our national sports, and Jordi Évole the last victim. The Catalan communicator scored a huge goal in recent weeks thanks to his interview with Miguel Bosé, one of the protagonists of recent months due to his controversial denial statements about the pandemic.

The singer’s image was again seriously damaged after his words in ‘Lo de Évole’, and do you know who is to blame according to him? Well, his ‘friend’ Jordi.

“When he called me, because of the mutual admiration that exists between the two of us, I said yes, thinking that the result of the interview was going to be different, it was going to be better and more respectful. He boasts a lot that I am his friend and I already told him: ‘If you treat your friends like that, I don’t know how you will treat the rest’ “ Bosé told Carlos Fuentes in his program on the “Teve Cat” channel.

I told you this after the second broadcast. One was planned, but there was so much demand that he decided to make two. He did not behave well. It created some very uncomfortable lockdowns that I had to deal with. They are there. There they stayed. I think it’s good for people, with that material they have, to give their opinion and realize, not only my position, but what derives from those moments: the fear that the ruling party has of us, the deniers, “he lamented .


I was hoping there wasn’t so much cheating. Because it’s not just what you say, but how it’s edited. There were two or three moments that were ugly. Ugly for him, not for me. He gave himself away as someone who had to defend a position and that, throughout the interview, it is seen that he was losing it. The arguments that they use are seen to have no force ”, continued Bosé, who concluded with a final attack on Évole for his way of interviewing.

If interviews are intended as battles, we are off to a bad start. And I think we got off to a bad start. I was not happy because words and arguments that I used were avoided. Media manipulation is immense”.