Mick Schumacher spends his quarantine studying

Life in times of pandemic is complicated for many athletes, but even more so for a beginner. That is the case of the 21-year-old pilot Mick schumacher that this 2021 he will make his debut in FR1 in the ranks of the Haas team. During the winter he has had to prepare at home and connect telematically with some engineers he does not know deeply and now that the start of the preseason is approaching he has already moved to England to be near the team’s headquarters in Banbury (England ).

But he faces a new problem: ehe government of Boris Johnson has toughened a law that was more lax with professional athletes and
now it forces all citizens arriving on British territory to spend a two-week quarantine in isolation, without contact with anyone to guarantee that they do not carry the Covid-19 infection.

Through his social networks, the genuine ‘Baby Schumacher’ has shown some snapshots in which he is seen working on the strength of his arms and his neck in a private garden of the residence where he is confined, and studying on his computer all the information that the team sends him and the circuits that he will face in 2021, some completely unknown to him and others that he has previously stepped on in the training formulas. In fact, the ‘lay out’ has been pasted on the screen.

He recently explained to the publication of his country ‘Auto Motor und Sport’ how this preseason has gone: “I had a lot of Zoom calls with my team to prepare. But a race becomes an event that you have to go through to understand it. I also like to write things and take notes. In general, learning by doing ”

And he said that “I have not yet been to the Haas factory (in Banbury). Due to Covid-19, everything is very limited and very difficult to get going. Conditions always change. But the plan is of course to be there soon, and whatever the option is, I’ll take it. There was an opportunity for the drivers to go to their teams (Vettel did get to travel to Silverstone with Aston Martin). But recently, these rules for athletes changed again in a very short time. “