Míchel: ‘Aleñá is a player I like’

José Miguel González Martín del Campo, ‘Míchel’, declared that his return to Getafe gives him “great enthusiasm, even more than the first time”, and assured that, although he does not know where his team can go, he does know where he wants it to go and is “very high.”

Ten years after his departure, Míchel returns to Getafe, club in which he was from 2009 to 2011, to replace José Bordalás.

“It is an honor to return to this club. I have suffered with some bad situations and I have been happy with the good ones but I think it has improved a lot. Besides, tIt has a personalized essence in the president (Ángel Torres), a man of his word, “said Míchel, at a press conference.

The Madrid coach was “very excited, even more than the first time I came, because I really like the club, what I know, the essence, the word and the squad I have.”

“We must continue with the work that all the coaches have done, who have done it very well, each in their own way, and the last, Bordalás, who has put the team at the highest level. Now we have to try to achieve what has almost always been, which is a second team for all the fans. One can be from any team but Getafe has always been well received, recognized, as a team and as a club, “he confessed.

Míchel spoke of midfielder Carlos Alená, belonging to Barcelona and that the second round of the last championship played on loan at Getafe.

“I have an intuition and an idea of ​​what can happen. Aleñá is that type of player who was useful and good for Getafe. Now he doesn’t belong to the club and I don’t know how the situation is. I am not in the decisions but I am in the strategies and any decision they make Ángel Martín (sports director) or Ángel Torres will be competent. I just say that Aleñá is a player that I like“, he finished.

Míchel revealed that “a year ago, with the possibility that Bordalás left, there was some contact, “and assured that the call from Ángel Torres a year later demonstrates “the word of the president.”

“This time the negotiations took the same as the last time. I just told the president what time do we train tomorrow?” Michel, who recognized that, although he has his style, his idea is to “take advantage of the conditions of the staff that exist and adopt them” to his thinking.

“We are not going to go against the players but we have to take advantage of what has been good. I see players like Nemanja Maksimovic and I think he has a good foot to play. For the staff, the idea is that by removing those who finish their contract and leave on loan, six, seven or eight incorporations will be made to put a different stamp, “he said.

“I do not want players to fill the squad, but to give competitiveness. Maksimovic will always play but he wants a player to come to compete with him because if you fall asleep I want to have spare parts, “he said.

The Madrid coach gave his vision of the team José Bordalás, With which Getafe came to play in the Europa League and achieved its best classification in the First Division with a fifth place in the 2018/2019 campaign.

“It was a fighting team, I did not avoid the fight, and that generates conflicts, but that is competitiveness and it seems correct to me. They have not killed anyone. When I came to this team a long time ago, the team was completely different from the concept we had, “he said. Míchel, who recognized that one of the objectives is not to suffer as much as this last season to achieve permanence.

“The team has to be consistent with what it has always done. Stability makes it a recognized club. This season has been a strange year and from time to time it is not bad to have such a season to give importance to what is achieved , but we will be demanding to be competitive. I don’t know where we can go but we do know where we want to go and it is very high “, confessed.