Meyers Leonard stood during the hymn and this is his explanation

We continue to see examples of players who decide not to kneel during the performance of the anthem American in the Orlando bubble. The last one to do it was Meyers Leonard, in the meeting that his team, Miami Heat, played last night against Denver Nuggets.

Meyers Leonard remained standing though He did wear a T-shirt with the message “Black Lives Matter” just like his peers. During the anthem, we saw how the rest of the players, who linked arms with each other, also grabbed Leonard showing her support.

After the meeting Leonard wanted to explain his decision to remain standing. “
I’ve had a lot of conversations with black Heat teammates and former Portland teammates, it hasn’t been easy for me
“He declared. Leonard, who he has a soldier brother, he said he understands that this has nothing to do with the army but for him they have a great connection.

After the meeting Leonard wore military boots and a backpack, to add that he hopes that people who don’t know him can learn or ask him: “
I did what I thought was right in my heart
, the world right now seems to be black or white and that if you don’t kneel, you are against some; This is not like this