‘Messi? The loss of a talent like his would not be good for our football ‘

Vicente del Bosque, former Spanish coach and former Real Madrid coach, referred this Thursday to various aspects related to Saturday’s El Clásico and some of its protagonists. For example, about Leo Messi.

The coach is not clear about the future of the Argentine but what his possible goodbye to Spanish football would mean: “I don’t know if it will be his last classic but I do believe that every time there is a loss of a talent like yours is not good for our football

Del Bosuqe avoided talking about the contractual situation of Sergio Ramos although he was hopeful in which club and player “reach the best agreement“At the end of this season in which the Sevillian defender ends his contract.

And regarding the match, which faces the second and third of the classification, respectively, and separated by only two points, he pointed out that “we will continue after Saturday with the same uncertainty. At this stage of the season you cannot fail but until the end, it is impossible for everyone to win everything, “said Del Bosque.

Del Bosque was asked if he thinks that the Brazilian Carlos Henrique Casemiro, the German Toni Kroos and the Croatian Luka Modric have been the best midfielders in history of Real Madrid.

“It could go along that line. Kroos and Modric they are extraordinary and Casemiro it also does a very effective job. They have been those that have marked in the offensive and defensive aspect the Real Madrid of the last years, “he concluded.