Messi: ‘It’s important to make a very strong group’

Leo value coexistence in the new Argentina, which for almost three years has been consolidating a large replacement. He wants to be champion with the National Team once and for all: “In the last Copa América we left a very good image, but we can’t stay with that.” He talks about the serious situation his country is experiencing with the coronavirus.

The mode Selection from Lionel messi it is already complete. Not only 10 is focused and training with Argentina in the complex of Ezeiza. Now the first celestial and white definitions of the phenomenon also appear before the double date of Qualifying, waiting to see what ends up happening with the America Cup, after knowing that it will not be held in Argentina. It is an enthusiastic speech, full of illusions. “I am very happy to be here again with all the boys. It is a strange situation, different, for all that we have to live. Nor can we have a normal coexistence. Little by little, we get together and being able to work ”, says Leo.

The complex of the AFA on Ezeiza, the place where the phenomenon will live until July 10 (the day of the Copa América final), is an anti-coronavirus fortress, with the strictest sanitary regulations, without permission to leave or visit. Messi He accepts it without problems: “We try to take all the recommendations they give us. On the last double playoff date, it had already been a bit similar. Now the situation in the country has worsened. Sadly, it is worse. We are having a hard time. There are many infected. We try to accommodate ourselves and collaborate with what they ask of us to do things well ”.

Without references to its continuity in the Barça

Leo did not say anything about his continuity in the Barcelona. It was logical: his statements were for the official social networks of the Argentine National Team. It is understood that they have not touched on that thorny issue.

A couple of games are coming on the way to Qatar 2022, against Chile at home this Thursday and against Colombia as a visitor on Tuesday of next week. They are two key crosses to consolidate the very good harvest made in the Qualifiers so far. Argentina is undefeated, with three wins and a draw, with 10 points, two behind the leader Brazil.

Messi already think about chili Y Colombia: “There are two very difficult games to come. Chile is a very great team, with very good players. Although he has a new coach and was unable to play many games, he has an experience base from more new guys who joined. There was a replacement, just like us. It is a growing team, very competitive ”.

After these two clashes for the qualifying rounds, it will be the turn of the America’s Cup, waiting for whether it will finally be held or not, the option of Argentina as host has been ruled out and that of Colombia was ruled out weeks ago. It will be a great chance for Messi catch your first title with the Senior National Team. And Leo is full of hope: “I am very excited, with a lot of desire. In the last America Cup we leave a very good image, but we cannot stay with that. We want to continue growing. The last Playoff games were good too. Unfortunately, a long time passed and we could not get back together. All that must be resumed as quickly as possible ”.

How does it feel Messi in this different Selection, which already has almost three years of a profound change? Leo He responds: “It is always an illusion to play with the National Team. We want to win, is the goal. We are all very eager, the youngest and also the oldest. There is a very united group. With a very large base that has been working since it started Scaloni.

Some new guys joined at the last minute. This is a very new group. It is very important to make a very strong group for the challenges that lie ahead ”.