Messi is comfortable combining with Pedri and De Jong

He Barça, last night, only lost in the field draw. Not only did he defeat the leader, he not only defeated the only team that had not lost as an outsider, he not only put the first comeback of the era on track
Instead, he made the best football hour of the season. With and without the ball. In attack and in defense. He was fast in the movement of the ball, in the unchecks and in the execution of football. He was ready in the pressure -for once, very well studied- and did not leave space for the forwards of the Real jeopardize the risky defense of the Barça, playing one on one with Araujo and
notable behind.
he was comfortable.

At last, he seems to find himself at ease playing wall with a
De Jong
that is coming out and a
who looks like the best signing in recent years. Sublime first half and good start to the second with a great opportunity to
and two options for
which should have been the third goal and the sentence. But the Frenchman scored the easiest goal of his career and put his hands to his head, as if he sensed that there the Barça. The equipment had been emptied and
did not help by putting, suddenly,
. They came in to control the ball and lost too many. In the end, he saved us
and a foot of Saint Ter Stegen.

De Jong’s goal