Messi and Argentina, to the final by penalties

Messi clenches his fists. Celebrate. Celebrates. Run too Leo to hug the hero, to Emiliano Martínez, to the goalkeeper who has just covered three penalties in a series marked by nerves and by his personal show, nuanced with comments as sufficient as spicy to each of the Colombian kickers. It is done. It’s over. It is relief. They all sing for the blue and white, they sing for the feeling, they sing against the journalists who criticize … The genius and Argentina sing because, Although they suffered, they have the final of the Copa América they wanted. It will be on Saturday, against Brazil and at Maracana. What better scenario for the team to break a 28-year drought and for Messi to finally win that title with the Major that he deserves so much, that is denied him so much!

Colombia got in real trouble to Argentina. He uncovered several collective deficits that must be resolved in the final. Brazil and Neymar will be even more threatening …

Great collective start

Messi boosted Argentina in his best moments, but also at the start the team oxygenated the genius. The construction of the goal is worth as an example. It is real that Leo drove with crack wisdom the ball in the final meters and assisted Lautaro to define with a crossed right hand. It is as true that this time there were other colleagues who they exempted it from the elaboration. Lo Celso administered judiciously and, after combining with De Paul, he located with an exact pass to 10, which was inside the area, not running from behind. It doesn’t always happen …

Before that moment, the Argentine captain had dribbled three Colombians with a freshness unlike a 34-year-old footballer and had located Lautaro, who headed just off the track.

Also so that Leo’s inventions do not evaporate, in complicated duels, an archer is essential that transmits maximum security. There is Emiliano Martínez. The Aston Villa was where it belonged not only on penalties. Also in the later play after Lautaro’s goal, at that moment when Colombia was one step away from the tie, Draw covered up Square’s equality.

Sticks play

Any team or selection with pretensions of champion also need a quota of chance. Messi and Argentina had it not only in penalties. They had the complicity of the sticks. On the left shot Barrios that he had deviated in Lo Celso. A header from Yerry Mina hit the crossbar.

Messi touched the ball less than other times in the first half, but unbalanced each time it was activated. At the end of that stage, he put a corner to the head to Nicolás González, which culminated in a miraculous save by Ospina.

It was not an easy story for an Argentina that He had Guido Rodríguez at the start, the central midfielder of Betis much claimed in the previous one. Lionel Scaloni’s selection lost possession in those opening 45 minutes. Suffered on the left wing. For something Nahuel Molina was replaced at halftime by Montiel.

The coffee reaction

Reinaldo Rueda, in that halftime, also shook the board with three changes, one in each line: Fabra, Cardona and Chará for Tesillo, Cuellar and Borré. So Colombia threatened to star. So Scaloni also saw it and immediately took out Lo Celso to put Paredes as a double “5”, someone who collaborates more with Guido Rodríguez, and to move De Paul to the right.

Those modifications did not improve the face of Argentina. Like Molina, Montiel suffered Luis Díaz. Those variants enhanced fast to Colombia, which reached the tie by a great pass-dagger from Cardona that Luis Díaz turned into a goal with a sensual touch of the right, after controlling with the left foot.

In the coaches duel, tried to regain ground Scaloni with Di María (by Nico González). Fideo had been excited about his income in previous encounters. And again he did it against Colombia, asking for the ball and facing, also assisting. First, after a failed pass in the rival exit, he left only Lautaro, who without a goalkeeper, only before Barrios standing on the goal line, he kicked right there, where the Colombian “5” was. Unusual! Later, Di María enabled Leo, who turned and took a left-footed shot that hit a stick.

Agony until penalties

Messi played most of the second half with blood on his right ankle after a rough tackle from Fabra. He seemed to feel the wear and tear as he played again after three days. However, he drew a couple of electrifying cumshots and generated two free throws, although in both executions the ball did not pass the barrier. Another symptom of the logical fatigue.

At that point, Colombia was fighting back with skill and impudence from Luis Díaz to an Argentine defense who once again missed Cristian Romero, the injured Atalanta defender. However, there was no room for more. Only for penalties. Always dramatic. This time with Draw Martínez as a hero, with a happy ending for Argentina and Messi.

Colombia: Ospina; Muñoz, Yerry Mina, Davinson Sánchez, Tesillo (Fabra, 46 ‘); Cuadrado, Barrios, Cuéllar (Yimmi Chará, 46 ‘) Díaz; Borré (Cardona, 46 ‘), Zapata (Borja, 59’)

Argentina: Emiliano Martínez; Nahuel Molina (Montiel, 46 ‘), Otamendi, Pezzella, Tagliafico; De Paul, Lo Celso (Paredes, 56 ‘), Guido Rodríguez; Messi, Lautaro, Nicolás González (Di María, 67 ‘)

Goals: 0-1, Lautaro (7 ‘); 1-1, Diaz (61 ’)

Penalties: Square, goal (1-0); Messi, goal (1-1), Davinson Sánchez, for Martínez (1-1); De Paul, out (1-1); Yerry Mina, for Martínez (1-1); Walls, goal (1-2); Borja, goal (2-2); Lautaro, goal (2-3); Cardona, stops Martíenz (2-3).

Referee: Jesús Valenzuela (Venezuela). Cards to Lo Celso (21 ‘), Cuadrado (45’), Fabra (55 ‘), Borja (64’), Montiel (72 ‘), Muñoz (76’), Cardona (86 ‘), Guido Rodríguez (87’) ), Neighborhoods (88 ‘)

Stadium: Mané Garrincha. 0 viewers