Message from Ceferin to Klopp for wanting fewer games

Aleksander Ceferin continues his crusade against the Super League teams. The UEFA president did not hesitate to defend in the new format of the Champions League (which provides for more matches) after Jürgen Klopp assured that no one asks players and coaches anything.

“Ten games instead of six and with no idea where to put them. The only people who are never asked are the coaches, the players and the fans, ”Klopp said before taking on Newcastle last weekend.

“UEFA did not ask us, the Super League did not ask us. It is always ‘play more games’. The new Champions League, what is the reason? Money … I have no idea how we’re supposed to deal with more matches. You can’t have 20 teams in a league, two Cup competitions, 10 international matches before Christmas, ”Klopp added. “These things are not possible.”

The words of the Liverpool coach, one of the teams that supported the new European Super League, found a response in Ceferin, who left a “message” to the German coach.

“Some coaches and players said too many games. There can always be fewer games but also the salaries of the players and coaches have to adapt. You cannot generate less and earn more all the time ”.

“I read that some people said: ‘We don’t want any more games.’ I’m fine with that, really, I am. If the Champions League remains as it is, it will continue to be the best competition in the world ”, he added.

“Our reforms came about because clubs need help responding to the financial crisis. We can continue as we are, but the clubs will close. And who does that hurt the most? To his fans ”.

“So, although I understand what some people are saying, I ask them ‘What is your solution?’ We believe that the reforms we are carrying out have advantages for everyone.”

“But we have made it clear that they are not totally set in stone, so if those people have better ideas that will safeguard the future of football and ours, I will listen to them.”