Mess looms with Kane at Tottenham

It seems unlikely given the professionalism and commitment shown by Harry kane so far in the Tottenham, but in England they are beginning to sense that the English international’s summer soap opera could end with an act of rebellion on the part of the player.

Harry Kane has been considering leaving the Spurs for a long time, but in the end, for one thing or another, he has continued. The striker aspires to higher levels than those that the English team has given him to date. He wants to play the Champions League and in London he is stagnant.

This seems like the definitive summer for Kane to pack his bags and take a new course, as much as newcomer Portuguese coach Nuno refuses to admit. The Portuguese footballer and coach agreed to speak after the holidays, but behind the scenes they are already talking about something else.

According to the Telegraph, Harry Kane’s teammates in the Tottenham dressing room believe that the striker could not show up for training on the first day of work to force his departure, even if it is the wrong way. The Manchester City that is talked about so much is very attentive to what happens in the coming days.