Mess between Sainz and Raikkonen and Alonso overtaking Hamilton

In the tests of Formula 1 preseason you don’t usually see battles between pilots. The fear that there will be an avoidable touch and that parts of the new cars will break, makes it unusual for there to be “piques” on the track. But in the final part of the last session of the official rehearsals of Bahrain, yes there was a tense battle on the track, with Carlos Sainz and Kimi Raikkonen as protagonists.

Something must have happened between the two, who got into a position dispute in which Carlos Sainz put the car inside to Kimi, both getting to rub in curve 10 of the route of Sakhir.

The Spaniard passed with his Ferrari to the Finn’s Alfa Romeo, putting the right front wheel just ahead of his left front wheel, almost touching. The Nordic, before this movement, did not hesitate to move the steering wheel to the right to move away quickly. They both ended up in the loophole, with Carlos in front of Kimi, seeming to tell her something with his presence.

The reason for this bite is unknown. But if something shows, it is the enormous confidence and guts of a Sainz that continues to adapt to Ferrari, since to carry out this overtaking, with the risk that it entailed and in your first test with a team like Ferrari, it was necessary to have horchata blood. Raikkonen, ‘Iceman’, froze.

Another of the overtaking that was seen on the track that attracted the most attention was that of two old acquaintances such as Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. The Spanish driver met the Englishman’s Mercedes straight ahead, and he didn’t think twice. With his Alpine he hit the slipstream of the British car and hit him with a nice ax at the end of the straight. The overtaking was not good for much, since they are tests, but surely Lewis should not have liked a hair.