Meshino: ‘My dream is to play in the Premier or in Spain’

The extreme Ryotaro
Meshino, one of the pearls of Japanese football that plays in the River
Bird of the Portugal League on loan from the Manchester
City until June 2022, dreams of succeeding in the Premier
League or in The league, according to said in an interview with Efe.

This fast and skilled footballer, 22 years old and trained in the Gamba Osaka of the J-League, acknowledged that since he was a child he has been a follower of both FC Barcelona and Real Madrid and that he likes dribbling and speed a lot. by Eden Hazard.

Meshino was acquired by City from Guardiola in the summer of 2019 and loaned that campaign to the Scottish Heart of Midlothian FC, with whom he made his debut in European football and accumulated minutes before his arrival in Portuguese football.

He has been in European football for two years now, after signing for Manchester City. Why did you decide to make the leap to European football? I always wanted to go play in Europe, and it seemed like the right moment. I knew it was my chance to do it.

How is your relationship with City?

I get a message from them after every game, they want to make sure everything is going well for me.

Do you have any kind of contact with Pep Guadiola?

Not at all.

What are your prospects with City, after chaining two assignments? Have you ever considered returning to Japan or do you plan to continue in Europe?

I would like to play for Manchester City at some point, but the offer I received from them is that I would have the support of the club during my loans to other teams. I would like to do my best in these circumstances. At the moment I am not thinking of going back to Japan. With Rio Ave he accumulates a good average of goals per minute in the Portuguese League (He has an average of 1 goal every 102 minutes). Did you expect such records?

As a team, we are not scoring that many goals. At the moment I have only scored 3 goals, and I think that is not so much. I would like to improve this figure.

Would you like to stay longer in Portugal or is your goal still Manchester City?

I could not tell. There is still more than half a season left, so I would like to consider it at the end of this season.

How is your relationship with the new Rio Ave coach, Miguel Cardoso?

Honestly, I’m not playing with him too much … He played 3 years ago with the club, and I think the players respect him. I think he’s working to build a good relationship in the locker room.

Do you see Rio Ave among the top 5 in the Portuguese League?

I think there would be some possibility, although I can’t say for sure.

What differences do you see between British and Portuguese football?

I think in Scotland they play very fast in attack, and with more physicality. In Portugal, there are more passes and more technical players, the pace of play is lower.

And between Japanese and European football?

There is also a difference in the speed of the game and the intensity of the pressure, they are greater in Europe. But I think the J-League has a good level too.

You are a candidate to be part of the Japanese team for the Tokyo Olympics. How do you see the national team for this competition?

Last year around this time I was in the Asian championship, but we fell in the initial phase. That was a disappointment. I think we need more input from the individual players. This also includes myself … I think that in the European leagues there are a lot of high-level players. That is why I think it is necessary for the Japanese team to have better individuals.

The Portugal League has become a good showcase for Japanese players: Nakajima, Nakamura, Anzai, Morita … Do you think it is a favorable style of play for Japanese footballers?

I guess so. There are certain similarities between the J-League and the Portuguese league, but there is also the language barrier, since in Japan the only foreign language that we usually study in school is English.

Do you speak any Portuguese?

I only understand a little, but I am not able to speak it.

Mention a team and a player that you especially like from the Portuguese league.

I don’t have a team that I particularly like, but I was surprised by the level of Rafa Silva (Benfica), a short player, similar to mine, technically very good. When his team switched from defense to attack, I was impressed by their speed. What is your biggest dream as a footballer?

I would like to play in the Premier League or in the Spanish League. I would like to play for one of the big clubs, and become an important player in one of them.

Which teams attract you the most from Spain?

I have liked Real Madrid and FC Barcelona since I was little. And I know it’s not okay to be both at the same time, but you must forgive me for being Japanese (laughs).

Who is your idol in the world of football?

I really like Eden Hazard. His dribbling, his speed, his incisiveness … It saddens me that he has had several injuries, because I would like to see him play more.