Menotti sees Messi ‘more solid in his leadership’

César Luis Menotti was another of the many voices that added to the praise of the new Argentina of Lionel Scaloni, who was crowned as champion of America to consummate the first title with Leo Messi’s albiceleste senior team. The 10th, which is pending to confirm his continuity at FC Barcelona, ​​was the top scorer, the top assist and the best player of the tournament and, for Menotti, this is largely due to Scaloni’s work in organizing a team in the fact that the six-time Ballon d’Or was the icing on the cake, not the only solution. “Messi is more solid in his leadership because there was continuity in the team,” Menotti told Radio Miter. “Scaloni put together his team with a psychic conductor who is Messi. It made me very happy. He was close to a title with the national team and now it was given to him. It was very difficult, it seems easy now, but you had to play with Brazil and on their court. And it was won by playing tall, without speculation, without going backwards. They played hand in hand and Argentina played better ”, argued the current director of Argentine national teams.

Leo Messi, champion with Argentina

For ‘El Flaco’, the group spirit did good to the national team and to Messi himself. “They are players who love each other and the coach did what I always say you have to do, build a team. And in continuity, relationships are strengthened ”, he added.

“Against Brazil there was effort, risks were assumed. They deserved it. They won in all fairness. With their convictions they support their work group ”, he analyzed. Mental strength was one of the virtues of an Albiceleste team that won 28 years later. “Argentina played a great game at the rival’s home. Mentioning Brazil at the Maracana generates fear, but the players were convinced. They have an orchestra that sounds in tune, “he said.

Menotti is already thinking about the World Cup and the qualifiers. “I am happy because a team is consolidated, now we are going to qualify for the World Cup, in some qualifying rounds that are difficult and that leave you with the obligation to qualify. It’s Scaloni’s team, that makes me happy … ”, he said. “Scaloni and the coaching staff are at the service of the unit, with players who are good people and accompany the coach and fortify the team with their presence,” said Menotti, who even admitted that he feels “terribly excited, which is not to me. it happened not even when winning the World Cup ”.