Mendilibar: ‘We are mothers’

The Eibar coach, José Luis Mendilibar, said after the defeat suffered by his team this Thursday against Granada (4-1) that “it is always the same story, it seems that it is but no”, and asked his players to be ” more bastards “on the pitch” because they are “mothers.”

“There are times when we compete, but for one thing or another we make a mistake or stop competing. Without doing much, Granada has made us 2-0, they have taken advantage of what we have given them,” said Mendilibar at the wheel of press on the first part of the crash.

“We have had chances, we have made it 2-1 and we have had options to draw, but mistakes have come again. They are things that happen to us very often and it is no longer a coincidence, we make so many mistakes that rivals take advantage of it” he added about the match.

“In the last two or three months it’s always the same story, it seems like, but no,” added the Eibar coach, who was critical of his players and asked them to “be much more bastard on the pitch” because they are “some mothers”.

“We all have to take the leap, we cannot each play our football, we have to play as a team and in many circumstances we do not play as a team, it seems that we play more to show off the personal level,” he said.

The Eibar coach indicated that “mathematically” permanence is still possible but did not hide that to achieve it they have to “win many games” and that the options “are few” although they will have to “exhaust them”.

“Those who are above have many more possibilities than us. As we do not think about the team, we play for the team, and we do not stop making mistakes, it is impossible,” he added about that possible salvation. Regarding Sergi Enrich’s absence from the squad, he commented that he does not see him “well” and that is why “he has stayed at home”, but also “someone else could have stayed.”