Memories of another Athletic Cup final … lost

I was in 2012 at the Vicente Calderón, in 2015 at the Camp Nou and last Saturday at La Cartuja. Third Cup final that I have had the opportunity to tell, to live and the third time that I saw Athletic lose. On the 17th I will have a new opportunity against Barcelona.

I wrote last week that the final that I wanted the lions to win is the one that still needs to be played, but that did not mean that I did not want the rojiblanco team to achieve victory against Real. It could not be. We will see if against Barcelona, ​​yes. It is the one with the prize. But that … will be another story.

I arrived in Seville on Friday. The atmosphere of journalists was greater than at the Super Cup event. Not only for the teammates who cover the information of the rojiblancos, but also for those who cover the Real. Let’s say that in that sense there was more feeling of the end than in the month of January.

Then, already in the environment, so sad, that I understand, as in the appointment of the Super Cup. The only note in rojiblanco was put by the rock Oscar De Marcos Dos Hermanas, who crossed the Guadalquivir with a boat to approach the Athletic hotel to cheer on the players. But little else. It is what it touches, it is what there is, but it is difficult for one to assimilate it. The Junta de Andalucía does not rule out the presence of the public in the stands in the final against Barcelona. I doubt it. But that will be … another story.

If on the day of the Super Cup I entered the field with the chords of the song ‘Dramas and comedies’ by Fangoria, on Saturday in the Cup final the ‘Eighteen’ of Dani Martin. He is not related to me, but I wanted to see a little sign in the coincidence of the last name. Of course, now I realize that the lyrics of the song refer to the Calderón and the spirit of 2012 may reappear. Anyway.

Desk 44. Located with Veronica Gomez. All prepared. Let’s see which one we get on the 17th. But that … will be another story.

The highlight of the first part of the final on Saturday is that it rained. And good. The rain was not expected, really. I thought, what is it suspended for?

The one who suspended was Athletic. It was a loose match. With the emotion of the result, but little else. The details. The mistakes. How many times was it said in the previous one. Two details, two mistakes. Athletic did and ended up paying for them.

There was no reaction. Neither of players, nor of a coach. The emotional final was lost. The European prize remains. But that … will be another story.

After the game I have to endure, reflect. I saw tears between colleagues who cover the information of the Real. Very striking. Very emotive. I have never cried for Athletic. At least that I remember.

I don’t know if I ever will. Maybe on the 17th if Athletic beats Barcelona, ​​cry. But that … will be another story. It will be something from the other Thursday.