Meme of the year? A low blow to Luka Doncic unleashes the creativity of social networks

Luka Doncic takes a couple of matches to a magnificent level, and thanks to him the Dallas Mavericks see close to the goal of sixth place in the Western Conference standings, a position that would allow them to avoid the play-in tournament for access to the playoffs.

Slovenian has been the protagonist in the last hours for a curious photograph of a painful moment captured by a photojournalist for the Dallas Morning News. During his win over the Pistons, the 22-year-old point guard received a kick to the groin area and the capture has caused talk on social networks.

Some of the montages are hilarious, and the photo could easily opt for meme of the year
in the NBA, an award that hasn’t been given yet … but Americans are never short of good ideas.

The play, by the way, was not penalized with a foul by the defense. Sometimes Doncic complains with reason.