Melyssa Pinto, confirmed contestant of ‘Survivors 2021’!

It seems that this edition of ‘Survivors’ will feature several protagonists of ‘The Island of Temptations’. Last week, Telecinco confirmed the participation of Tom Brusse in the ‘reality’ of survival. Lola Mencía and Isaac torres They are other names that have sounded strong, although the chain has not confirmed them officially. However, there will be, for sure, another participant who passed through the Dominican Republic and it is none other than Melyssa pinto, the ex-girlfriend of the French.

This has been announced Sandra Barneda during the debate from ‘The Island of Temptations’ this Monday. “The time has come to discover the new contestant of‘ Survivors ’. Let’s see… what a bomb. It’s just that I imagine … Sure. It’s just that he’s on set again ”, commented the presenter before announcing the name of Melyssa Pinto as new contestant of ‘Survivors 2021’.

Melyssa Pinto, contestant of ‘Survivors 2021’.

Melyssa Pinto, more self-confident than ever: “I’m not afraid, I’m already visualizing the goal”

The “influencer” would then get up and share with her colleagues how she feels a few days after heading to Honduras. “I have a thousand hearts,” he confessed. “Right now I have no fear. I think it is my habitat, I love the sea. I think I can improve myself. I think I am a strong person, so I am already visualizing the goal”, Assured the young woman.

Melyssa Pinto, contestant of 'Survivors 2021'.
Melyssa Pinto, contestant of ‘Survivors 2021’.

It must be remembered that Melyssa became known in ‘Women and men and vice versa‘, First as a suitor of Alberto santana and later as a ‘tronista’, a stage in which he met Tom Brusse, with whom he decided to start a love affair abroad. What the young woman did not imagine was what was to come. And it is that at eight months, the couple headed to the Dominican Republic to participate in ‘Island of Temptations 2‘And her story ended in tragedy: Melyssa had one of the worst experiences of her life on reality TV, while the Frenchman fell into temptation with Sandra Pica, his current partner.

Melyssa Pinto and Tom Brusse in 'The Island of Temptations 2'.
Melyssa Pinto and Tom Brusse in ‘The Island of Temptations 2’.

Melyssa Pinto is positive to coincide with Tom Brusse in Honduras: “It can be a support”

Since the third edition of ‘The Island of Temptations’ began, the ex-partner has coincided in the debates every Monday and they have managed to maintain Cordial relationship. However, now both will spend a lot of time together in the most extreme ‘reality’ of Mediaset. In this sense, Melyssa sees the fact of coinciding with Tom as an opportunity: “I think it can be positive because we know each other and it can be supportive”. “Swhat is his dream. Congratulations”, Said the French to his ex.

Will they be able to maintain that cordiality in Honduras? Will your relationship end worse than it begins? ¿
The spark will rise again
? What is clear is that this experience represents a new challenge individual for both and now we will have to wait a few weeks to see how they develop in the worst conditions.