Melinda Gates thanks Spain for its financial contribution in the fight for the coronavirus

In the Donor Conference This Monday, where the main world political leaders have met, the aid plans of each country have been agreed to finance the creation and development of a vaccine to fight the coronavirus and the contribution of the Spanish government. Pedro Sánchez has promised that Spain contribute to this common fund with a total of 125 million euros, distributed among the 50 million destined for Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) and 75 million to the Coalition for Innovations in Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI).

Due to the contribution Melinda Gates, Creator of the Bill Foundation, a Foundation, with extensive experience in the health field on an international scale, currently engaged in the fight against the coronavirus, has called Pedro Sánchez to thank the Government of Spain your financial contribution to the Coalition for IInnovations in Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI) and the Alliance for the Vaccines (Gavi). In addition, in the conversation they also discussed the importance of the gender dimension in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, a specific aspect in which Melinda gates wants to have the support of the Prime Minister.

This philanthropic organization has played a central role in the creation, in close collaboration with the who, of the Act Accelerator, which aims to unite the efforts of the main actors in the development, production and distribution of vaccines, treatments and diagnoses, in addition to strengthening health systems. The objective is to ensure that these sanitary instruments reach everyone, including the most disadvantaged countries of Africa and Latin America

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