Meghan Markle explodes against the Royal House after harassment accusations

Meghan Markle accused the British Royal House of “perpetuating” lies about her and Prince Harry in a new preview released today of the interview they have granted to Oprah Winfrey.

How do you feel about Buckingham Palace hearing you tell your version?Winfrey says in the 30-second excerpt.

“I don’t know how they could hope that, after all this time, we would simply be silent if La Firma (a term used to speak of the British Royal Household) is playing an active role in perpetuating lies about us”Says Markle.

And if that comes with the risk of losing things, there is much that has already been lost.“, Add.

“Oprah with Meghan and Harry” is the title of the special that CBS will broadcast this Sunday.

On Monday another preview of this interview was revealed in which the prince Enrique admitted that he feared that the problems faced by his mother, Diana of Wales, would be repeated., when he was left out of the British royal family.

Diana of Wales separated from the Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne in 1992 and, years later, divorced. The princess lost her life on August 31, 1997 in an accident in Paris.

My biggest concern was that history would repeat itself. For me, I am really relieved and happy to be sitting here, talking to you and my wife next to me.“, He said.

The controversy continues on the part of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who moved to California (USA) last year.

For example, last week Prince Henry said in another interview with James Corden that he had left his job in the royal family because of the British media.

We all know what the British press is like, and it was destroying my sanity, it was toxic. So I did what any husband and father would have done: ‘I have to get my family out of here,’ ”she explained.

On the other hand, Buckingham confirmed on Wednesday that he is investigating allegations published in the media that Meghan Markle harassed some of his aides during the time in which he represented the royal family.

Sources close to Prince Harry’s wife during that period have assured The Times newspaper that Meghan’s attitude forced the resignation of two of her aides and “undermined the trust” of a third.

“Our human resources team will evaluate the circumstances cited in that article. Members of the staff who were involved at that time, including those who have left the House, will be invited to participate (in the investigations) to see if lessons can be learned, ”the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II said in a statement.