Meghan Markle, criticized for a ‘serious lack of respect’ to Elizabeth II

The English press has been very critical since Meghan Markle will arrive at the British royal house. Any action, interview or public appearance of the American actress is analyzed in detail and her last interview with the prince Harry it has not been different.

“They came up with a question, they always offered a solution, and that’s what I think is so inspiring and so I’m incredibly proud to be able to work with Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, also because it’s the continuation of your grandmother’s legacy.” were the words that have caused a great repercussion in Ingraterra.

The English press is very critical of Meghan Markle.

This is a protocol flaw, since Markle He spoke of the monarch as “your grandmother” and not as “the Queen.” It should be remembered that members of British royalty cannot speak in such familiar terms publicly and must use royal titles.

Recently, the unauthorized biography of the couple ‘Finding Freedom came to light, which recounts in detail the sad farewell of Meghan Markle and the prince Harry of British royalty.

After the so-called “Megxit”, the Dukes of Sussex decided to move first to Canada and now to Los Angeles; but his new public life is not being a bed of roses.

According to the publication, the fact that led to their departure from the crown would be the gesture that Queen Elizabeth II had with them during her last Christmas speech and that hurt the couple so much.

Prince Harry and Meghan during a public ceremony.
Prince Harry and Meghan during a public ceremony.

Megan and Harry they were upset to find that the Queen Mother had not put any photos of them or their son Archie on her desk when she recorded her traditional speech. On the contrary, the other members of the family were there. On the desktop you could see the images of his son, the prince Charles With Camilla Parker; her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip; his father, the late king George VI, and your family favorites: William and Kate and their children George, Charlotte, and Louis. However, Harry and Megan they did appear in two portraits in the 2018 speech.