Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s embarrassment: why they are denied entry into a restaurant

Meghan markle and Harry are enjoying their Christmas holidays away from the cameras, in Canada, a place where they thought they could go unnoticed. But not only has this not been the case, but they have also experienced one of their most uncomfortable situations when they received the curious refusal of a restaurant to feed them.

Although there are quite a few media that associate what happened to the simple fact of belong to royalty, the owners of the restaurant have explained that they have been forced to make this uncomfortable decision “For security measures”.

Well, the owners have clarified that having received the dukes a large security device would have been deployed that would have been somewhat uncomfortable for the rest of the diners present. Yet they have wished “the best” At the couple.

“The area of Horth Hill (where the place is located) is very fashionable now, they go running around. It is very exciting and I hope everything goes very well for you. They are breaking with tradition and I only wish them the best ”said a neighbor.

It is true that it may seem a somewhat strange situation to us, since any hospitality entrepreneur would be delighted to have British royalty among his guests, but not Deep Cove Chalet, which seems to be left over from everything. However, his assessment is only 7.6 on 10, according Google.

Deep Cove Chalet is located on the Canadian island of Vancouver, on the Pacific coast, and not excessively expensive. In addition to the menu, which mainly includes meat and fish, and where you can also choose caviar for $ 100, it offers cheaper menus ranging from 40 to 75 dollars. The most expensive include smoked salmon, baked or raw oysters, steamed clams, and your choice of duck breast or sirloin. For dessert, vanilla ice cream with chocolate.

Not everything has been rude

Despite the embarrassing moment, Meghan markle and the prince Harry, who celebrate their first Christmas away from Sandrigham, have been able to run, walk and hike in the natural park of Horth Hill.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister of Canada He greeted them warmly with this message: “Prince Harry, Meghan and Archie, we wish you a peaceful and pleasant stay in Canada.. You are among friends and you will always be welcome ”.