Meghan Markle accuses royal family of racism and says she thought about committing suicide: ‘I didn’t want to be alive’

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan markle, assured that certain members of the British royal family expressed doubts about the skin color that her first child would have with Prince Henry, revealed that during that pregnancy she had suicidal thoughts and affirmed that the Royal Household refused to help her.

In an explosive interview broadcast this Sunday in the United States, the Dukes of Sussex They recounted their experience before leaving the British monarchy, and Enrique lamented the deterioration of his relationship with both his brother, Prince William, and his father, Charles of England, whom he said has “disappointed” him.

The most shocking revelations came from Meghan, who starred alone in the first half of the interview with host Oprah Winfrey, which lasted two hours and aired in prime time on CBS.

Harry and Meghan in a file photo


“In the months that I was pregnant, there were (…) concerns and conversations about how dark your skin could be when he was born ”, assured Meghan.

The Duchess said that these alleged racist comments were made in “conversations that the family had” with Enrique, but refused to identify those who articulated them, stating that “that would be very harmful to them.”

When later incorporated into the interview, Prince Henry confirmed that the conversation revolved around “what would the children look likeHe had with Meghan, who is mixed race and with African American roots, but declined to elaborate on it.

“It is a conversation that I will never talk about,” said Enrique, who added that it was “shocking.”

Meghan, who is pregnant with her second baby and announced during the interview that it is a girl who will be born this summer, said that when she was expecting the birth of her first child, Archie, in 2019, she learned that the Royal House “did not want her to was a prince ”or“ received security ”.

She added that she was overwhelmed by the idea that her son “was not going to be safe, and that the first member of color in this family would not be given a title in the same way that other grandchildren would be given.”

The Duchess of Sussex he regretted that there can be that kind of racism in the royal family, because “the Commonwealth is a huge part of the monarchy and 60 or 70% are people of color”, adding that he knows “how important it has been for them to see someone in this position that looks similar to yours. “


Meghan also revealed that her mental health markedly worsened during her first pregnancy, and that there came a point where she had to talk seriously to Harry because she had “very clear, real and constant, scary” suicidal thoughts.

Meghan Markle, in a file photo
Meghan Markle, in a file photo

I just didn’t want to be alive anymore”, He stressed.

She stated that she went to “one of the highest ranking people in the institution” of the Royal House and “begged him to help her” to improve her mental health, but they replied “no, they couldn’t do anything” for her.

“They never did anything, so we had to find a solution,” added Meghan, apparently referring to their decision to withdraw from the monarchy and start a new life outside the UK.

The Duchess of Sussex stressed that, although at that time she could not feel “more alone”, she has recovered her mental health and now feels that “life is worth living.”


In addition, she ruled on the rumor that, before her wedding to Henry, she made her sister-in-law Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William cry, by assuring that this never happened and that, in fact, “it was the other way around ”.

“The narrative that I made Catalina cry it was the beginning of the murder of my ‘character’ (in the eyes of British society) ”, he said Meghan, who regretted that the Royal House never denied that rumor, as it did with those that affected “any other” of its members.

The Duchess alleged that it was Catalina who was “upset about the issue of the bridesmaids’ dresses” of her marriage, adding: “It made me cry and it hurt my feelings”.

However, he added that Catalina “later apologized” and sent her flowers, and assured that she considers her “a good person”, so she trusted that she understands that the impression that Meghan treated her badly must be “corrected”.


When he joined the interview, Prince Henry denied another rumor, that Queen Elizabeth was not informed of his decision to withdraw from the monarchy.

“I would never hide something like that from my grandmother, I have too much respect for her,” he said, adding that they have a good relationship with the queen and speak to her through Zoom.

However, Enrique revealed that her father, Prince Charles, stopped “answering the phone” after he made the decision to start a new life.

Harry and Meghan in a file photo
Harry and Meghan in a file photo

I am really disappointed, because he has been through something similar. There has been a lot of pain, “said Enrique, who trusted that he could” repair the relationship “with his father.

Regarding his brother Guillermo, the second in line to the throne, he said that the relationship between the two now consists of giving each other “space”, and that although he “loves him a lot”, they are on “different paths.”


“I was trapped by that system and didn’t know it (…). My father and my brother They’re trapped, they can’t leave, and that inspires me enormous compassion, “stressed the prince.

He assured that, although his family “welcomed” Meghan at first, things began to change after their tour of Oceania, in which the popularity of his wife became clear, as happened with the visit to Australia in 1983 Diana of Wales, Henry’s mother.

“My greatest concern was that history would repeat itself,” said Enrique, who thanked having Meghan and not having to go “alone” through the process of distancing himself from the monarchy, as happened to his mother.

On February 19, Harry and Meghan They confirmed to the queen that they will no longer work as members of the British royal family, and the head of state decided to withdraw from her grandson – sixth in the line of succession to the British throne – the honorary sponsorships he held.

However, Enrique assured during the interview that the royal family really “cut” funds “in the first quarter of 2020”, just before they moved to America, but he said they both have the inheritance his mother left him.