Meet the most intimate Diego López through Estrella Damm

The RCD Espanyol de Barcelona It offers us the possibility of getting to know the parrot family inside through a great initiative with Star. The brewing company has launched a digital content proposal to liven up the confinement for all the followers of this club, so that the Blue and Whites’ fans can get to know the more personal side of one of the most emblematic players on the squad.

We are talking about Diego López. From the hand of Director of Communication and External Relations of Estrella Damm, Fede Segarra, Diego López He has talked about how he is living this exceptional situation, how he is on a personal level and has emphasized his sports career.

“I have been playing soccer since I was 18 at a professional level, and soccer is my way of life and my passion,” said the footballer.

During the conversation, Diego wanted to highlight the leading role that his family, and especially his wife, had during all the years that he has played soccer: “I have been fortunate to grow up in a family that has instilled in me some work values , effort, humility and sacrifice, which I continue to this day ”.

Also, as a form of recognition, Diego he wanted his wife, Would go, is also the protagonist of the story, and has highlighted her as the “star of his life”, whom the sponsor has wanted to give away with a box of Star, which has been sent to you through the e-commerce of the brewery ( thus having a wink with the sponsor Estrella Damm.

Before finishing, Diego Lopez He also wanted to greet all the Blue and Whites’ fans: “We are in a difficult situation, and I want to send greetings to all the parakeets and to all of society in general. We will all get ahead together. ”

Thus, Diego López, goalkeeper of Spanish, is interviewed for the #MiEstrella campaign organized by the company Damm. Diego Lopez He is sincere explaining how he has handled the issue of the pandemic, gives advice to the youngest and the support of his family.