Measure in Anoeta against the Champions effect

One of the scandals arising from the war unleashed between the UEFA and various European powers may splash the Real. In the last hours, attention grows in Anoeta in case one of the first four positions of the classification becomes free, with a ticket for the Champions
League. The club attends events in moderation and moderation.

The UEFA has opened a file with Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona for their alleged violation of the rules by joining the Super League that finally was in borage water. According to Cadena COPE, the executive of Aleksander
Ceferin It is also proposed to expel them from the Champions League. If Real Madrid and Barcelona were eliminated from the tournament, Real would enter as a representative of the League, being fifth. Also Betis for finishing sixth.

The Royal would gladly accept to enter the European Cup if it proceeded, although on the noble floor they react with some skepticism. Over any other reason, because such a severe stance of the UEFA it would grossly devalue a competition of such caliber. If the dome you run Ceferin decided to go ahead with its historic claim, it is foreseeable that Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​in addition to Juventus, would present allegations in protest. They would not sit idly by.

A long process

At La Real they are aware that the financial resources for playing the Champions They multiply. In any case, the feeling is that with the classification for the Europe
League sealed with the fifth position the objectives are met.

In the event that UEFA pressed the button to annihilate Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the dispute would have only just begun. It would be a long process that would clash with Real’s planning for next season. An uncertainty that also causes suspicion.

So that the UEFA Sanction Committee dictated sentence, before it would be necessary to go through all the operations of initiation of files. Nor can it be ruled out that UEFA meets urgently to approve new regulations, favorable to a sanction that would mark an era and that would completely involve the Real.