McManaman’s harsh criticism of a Real Madrid player

Steve McManaman spoke in BT Sport after the first leg of the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Chelsea and did not hesitate to criticize a player of the white team, specifically to Marcelo.

“They have lost Mendy on the wing. When they lose to Mendy, not Sergio Ramos because he was no longer against Liverpool, the team has to cover Marcelo too much, “said the former Real Madrid player, adding that” Marcelo is a winger who plays inside or even a midfielder and Kroos and Modric they have to cover and I think when you have to do that and use two players to cover the gap of one … ”.

McManaman went on to say that “Mendy can come back next week and Bouquets also and they will return to play with four behind and they will be able to reinforce the center of the field or to put end because they have not created opportunities ”, concluded the ex-English player.