McLaren wants to surprise ‘the contra’ at Silverstone

McLaren may change focus this weekend, in the fifth race of the year, in the GP 70th anniversary of F1. Racing Point seems better prepared than a week ago, with a Nico Hülkenberg much more settled as a substitute for circumstances of ‘Czech’ and next to Stroll it should be two fixes in Q3. Behind, Leclerc it seems a step forward compared to the English. And behind him, in the fight between McLaren and Renault, under equal tire conditions in the race, the French had a better pace than the McLaren in the last Grand Prix. In this context, and aware of the great degradation problems that everyone will have with the tires this weekend in Silverstone With rubber a point softer than a few days ago, the British seem to be clear that it is one of those occasions when it is better sacrifice the ‘qualy’ thinking of a much better strategy for the race.

After all, the points are distributed on Sunday and a good ‘qualy’ only gives you a smile on Saturday. But be in the Top-10 and going on the run with the soft this weekend could be very damaging for a McLaren that he is aware that soft tires are more degraded than their direct rivals. For this reason, he is seriously considering going against it and making sure to start with the medium tires on Sunday to advance in the race with a better pace and a more fruitful strategy.

“We are thinking now that it does not depend so much on how strong you are in qualifying, but what is best for the race”Carlos Sainz said this Friday after hitting the track only (like his teammate Norris) with soft tires.

“We don’t know if we are strong enough to enter Q3 on the medium tire. It will be known when Q2 arrives, but we are evaluating all the options for the race, because for us that soft tire does not seem like anything good, “he commented, making it clear that the options that McLaren going out on Sunday with that compound are minimal.

Sainz, at the 70th anniversary F1 GP

“We wanted to try the soft ones. We suffer with the softer tires because we have more degradation than the rest and we put the tires in a little more crisis with the temperature. We also think that the medium tire is not too negative a tire for qualifying and for Sunday, so we wanted to save them a bit. We will see. It has been a strange day because we have hardly tried race simulation when riding with the soft one ”, added the Spaniard after reserving all his medium and hard tires for the race this Friday.

McLaren think about Sunday, about capturing some key points to continue fighting to maintain that third place of constructors and to obtain a good handful of points.

The English team was the only one that only rolled with the soft ones this Friday
The English team was the only one that only rolled with the soft ones this Friday