Mayweather’s Unusual Gift to His Stripper Girlfriend: A Bouquet of Money

There are gifts and presents. And if something is clear, it is that Floyd mayweather He was not going to fall short when it came to satisfying his girlfriend with the most ostentatious gifts.

Thus, the boxer has once again surprised all his followers with this unusual gift to his stripper girlfriend: a bouquet …. of dollar bills. No flowers. And it is that the boxer has always tried to differentiate himself from the rest in everything related to his tastes and the luxury that surrounds him.

Even when it tries to get romantic Mayweather he can’t help flaunting his fortune. And the gift he has sent to his current partner, the Las Vegas stripper Anna Monroe, has lived up to what is expected of a man of her tastes and preferences.

It should be remembered that Monroe is a worker of the premises that owns Mayweather in Las Vegas, and she’s been dating him since last year.

A few months ago it came to light that the boxer is intimate with one of the girls who works for him, a stripper with British-American nationality with whom he has been dating for several months, and that New Year’s Day became official after telling his family and friends.

Mayweather’s Gift to Monroe: A Bouquet of Money

A family friend of Mayweather revealed to The Sun how the relationship between the boxer and the stripper began: “Anna was born in the United States, but her parents moved to England for work reasons when she was young. Then he returned to the United States when he was 22 years old, ”he began by pointing out.

“Anna attended an interview at the club Floyd (Girl Collection) and was rejected, but when she was leaving the premises they crossed paths. TOThe next day, they called her and told her to come back, to Mayweather would be waiting for her for a candlelight dinner, and that she had the job and was going to be the lead, “he added.