Mayweather introduces his friends to ‘his princess’: stripper Anna Monroe

Floyd maywather held a huge celebration party for his 44th birthday last week at Florida. And even though there were dozens of guest models, the boxer only had eyes to Anna monroe, which is officially his girlfriend since the end of the year.

Floyd I present Anna to all his friends as ‘his princess’. He was delighted and she was very proud. Their relationship is getting more serious. Presenting it at an event like this takes things to the next level ”, revealed a source close to ‘The Sun’.

Anna, who is a stripper in one of the clubs Floyd, introduced her new boyfriend to her British family via FaceTime. The couple are expected to travel to the UK as soon as possible so that Mayweather meet Monroe’s relatives.

Floyd is serious with Anna. He loves England and as soon as he is allowed to travel again he would like to come and meet his family and friends, ”added the source.

Anna’s family worried

The same ‘The Sun’ also points out that the stripper’s family is not particularly happy with the news. The reason: the past of Mayweather with their partners.

Your ex Josie harris accused him of domestic violence, his previous partner Melissa brim was also hit by Floyd, and two other women were also abused by the boxer.

“His father is concerned,” said a family friend in recent statements.