Mayka Rivera’s reaction to those who associate her with Thibaut Courtois

There are few times that the Real Madrid goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, has been related to a famous person from the heart scene. Controversy was his relationship with the model Alba Carrillo and even the doorman assured that this romance It had hurt him personally and professionally.

Well, his name has come up again this weekend due to an alleged new courtship with a former contestant on “The Island of Temptations.” It was the paparazzi Diego Arraba
l who assured in ‘Viva la Vida’ the incipient relationship between the athlete and… Mayka Rivera! Tony Spina’s ex and recently related to Gonzalo Montoya – a former participant in the temptations – could be Courtois’ new ‘secret’ girl.

According to Arrabal, Mayka was one of the guests at the Real Madrid goalkeeper’s New Year’s Eve party, at an event with several well-known faces and where mobile phones were banned. As the journalist reveals, Courtois did not want Mayka’s presence to be known because they do not let her “be with Telecinco girls.”

Mayka: “I have nothing with him”

Mayka denies having anything to do with the goalkeeper

As a result of the information, the influencer has used her ‘Mtmad’ channel to deny what Diego Arrabal had claimed. “They say that I am with a soccer player, that I have a relationship with him. In which head does this fit, please? I just freak it out. Thinking about it cold already makes me laugh. I don’t have a relationship with him, I have not messed with him, I have nothing with him. It is surreal. I don’t start a relationship overnight, I have to get to know the person. If I had something with him, I would say so, “he began clarifying.

“People talk about me that if I want fame, if I want money, if I am an opportunist, a celebrity hunter … If I wanted fame, you would see me sitting on a television set, I would have done it because I had the opportunity. But I won’t do it because this topic is a lie. I don’t know where this news comes from, explain it to me and let them show evidence, because they are very serious accusations that can harm many people ”, he assured.

The new information points to a former tronista

Settled -for the moment- the Mayka issue, the latest information released in another Telecinco program, ‘Socialite’, point out that the Real Madrid goalkeeper would have started a new relationship, but with an extronist from ‘Women and Men and Vice versa’. The lucky one would be Clàudia Martinez, in whose romantic history another famous name stands out, that of Rodri Fuentes, former contestant of ‘Big Brother’ and former also of Adara Molinero. We will have to wait for some of the protagonists to confirm the first soap opera of 2021.