Maximum trolling from Pedrerol to Ibai Llanos on whether he would sign him for ‘El Chiringuito’

The talk they had Ibai Llanos and Josep Pedrerol on Twitch he left stellar moments of all kinds, thanks to the relaxed conversation that lasted more than two hours in the “Chatting Quietly” section.

They touched on a multitude of subjects. Of possible signings of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, the future of Messi Y Christian and even a chapter that worried Josep Pedrerol a few years ago.

Most of the live was full of laughter, although there was one moment that stood out above the rest. It was when the charismatic ‘streamer’ gave him to choose between him or ‘DjMaRiiO’, another popular ‘youtuber’ from the Spanish community.

“Would you sign me or DJ Mariio before?, the 25-year-old Basque launched him with humor. “To DJ Mariio”Josep Pedrerol answered after a few seconds of reflection.

At that moment Ibai Llanos disconnected for a few moments jokingly to later connect and continue with the talk that brought together a large number of people on the Twitch live.