Maximum grief: no one claims the body of ‘El Risitas’

The humorist Juan Joya Borja, better known as The Giggles, passed away this Wednesday at age 65 after suffering a relapse of the disease he suffered, diagnosed days ago. No one has claimed the actor’s body and it has been the Brotherhood of the Holy Charity of Seville who has taken charge of the burial.

As reported this Thursday morning by the Sevillian media ‘Aionsur’, the actor from ‘Torrente 3: The Protector‘(2005) died in the Virgen del Rocío hospital of Sevilla. Until just before 11:00 hours this Thursday, it has remained in a chamber of the hospital.

The Giggles, became popular in the late nineties after being discovered by Jesus Quintero in programs like ‘The tramp’,‘Colored mice‘Or’the fool on the Hill‘He already had a health problem last year. In September, the interpreter underwent a surgical intervention in which they had to amputate a leg.

The Brotherhood of the Holy Charity of Seville will take charge of the burial

Now, the aforementioned brotherhood is managing the burial, since the deceased did not have financial resources. The funeral will be restricted to 15 people, as well as the people who live in the charity who want to attend, as reported by the aforementioned media.