Maximum concern for the state of health of Felipe de Edimburgo

The state of health of Philip of Edinburgh is one of the issues that worries the most in the last hours in the UK. For now, the news in the Duke’s state of health, who joined him two weeks ago, suggests that, far from being discharged soon, he will have to stay in medical facilities longer than expected.

Although Buckingham already warned on February 23It is clear that the duke’s stay was going to be extended for at least one more week, today that the deadline is met, the palace has just confirmed that the 99-year-old husband of Elizabeth II has had to be transferred to another center to undergo more tests.

According to the statement sent this Tuesday to the media, this morning the Duke left the hospital where he was to enter St. Bartholomew’s, where there are much more modern facilities that will allow doctors to carry out new tests that allow the total healing of Felipe.

From the palace they also warn that there is no reason for concern and they confirm that he will have to “stay in the hospital at least until the end of this week.”