Maximum alert with David Silva and Carlos Fernández

Silva could not finish the game after receiving a knee from Eteki in the lumbar area. The player, after the match, could barely move as he recognized Imanol
Sheriff: “If you have asked for change, knowing how important the game was …”, he began by saying. “At the moment, he can’t even move. As they have kneed him, he noticed something and asked for the change. We will be cautious and wait for the evaluations tomorrow. Hopefully it’s nothing serious, “he said.

However, the Oriotarra coach does not seem very optimistic, at least now: “I hope it is nothing serious but it does scare me because of how the entrance was, where it was received and how it was at half-time and now at finish the game ”.

As if this were not enough, Imanol also confirmed that Carlos
Fernandez He is also injured and that is why he hadn’t even warmed up: “Yesterday he noticed some discomfort and today he was still with them. We have continued trying, but as we have not had time to do an exploration, we did not want to risk and as you have seen we have not sent him to warm up. Tomorrow they will test him, but he has some quadriceps discomfort. Let’s hope it’s not a break and that it’s nothing serious. “