Matías Prats corrects Susanna Griso live after seeing the failure of a sign: ‘Forgive us …’

Matías Prats is another of the famous faces that have received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine against coronavirus. After that, the 71-year-old Antena 3 Noticias presenter wanted to send a message to the population. “If you allow me, I take the opportunity to recommend that when it is going to correspond to them, they go without fear, with confidence, with the assurance that it is the best way to fight this pandemic, ”he said in the newscast.

The program ‘Espejo Público’ echoed from the words of the veteran journalist, and both the presenter Susanna Griso and the collaborators of the space commented on Matías Prats’ vaccination.

However, shortly after the program aired the images of the journalist getting vaccinated, the presenter Susanna Griso interrupted the program to read the message that Matías Prats himself had sent him. And it is that the presenter noticed a failure of a label, the same while the images of him receiving the dose of Pfizer appeared on the screen.

The ruling on the ‘Public Mirror’ label.

On that sign was the following: “Conchita is already vaccinated.” Referring to a 93-year-old woman who had recently received the vaccine.

Well, Griso read what Matías Prats had sent him. “He says: ‘What has hurt me the most is the label.’ Because on the label of Matías getting vaccinated we have put: “Conchita is already vaccinated.”

At that precise moment, the presenter apologized to him live, amid the laughter of everyone present on the set. “Forgive us Matías, transfer your message”, ended.