Mateu Lahoz: ‘Refereeing is happiness’

The Spanish Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz, who will direct the final of the Champions League that Manchester City and Chelsea will play this Saturday in Porto, he assured that “arbitration is happiness “.

“I try to smile and do my best. I am very lucky to do something that I like. And when your work is a passion, it is impossible to ask for more … “, he said in an interview with the UEFA website, in which he pointed out that every moment he lives as a referee” is incredible “and that he is” very lucky ” doing what you like.

“I think the key to being a referee is to always be yourself. When you referee a match, you take care of many different personalities. You are part of the game, and I think part of your job is to try to help the players and the coaches. If you can do it and be relaxed, then you will relax them, you can communicate together and make decisions will be much easier, “he argued.

“Sincerely, I never imagined that one day I would referee a Champions League final “, indicated the Valencian, who was fourth referee in the 2019 final, who led the Slovenian Damir Skomina, and in which two other English teams, Liverpool and Tottenham, faced each other at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid.

Mateu Lahoz will be the fourth Spanish referee to referee the final of the highest continental competition, after José María Ortiz de Mendíbil (1969), Manuel Díaz Vega (1996) and Manuel Enrique Mejuto González (2005).

Within a family with three sisters and two brothers, the oldest, as he acknowledged, was “a great influence” to encourage him to be a referee. “My mother, the captain of our ‘family team’, always follows me. If she sees that I smile before a match, she is happy, and always looks me in the face after the final whistle. If everything went well, she is relieved for me. I feel the support of my family, and that helps me have an important balance, “he explained.

Mateu Lahoz will also remember his father this Saturday, who passed away when he was little: “I will look up and think about him. I feel that I have been lucky to be healthy and fit that he was not. I feel that he protects me all the time. It is a special feeling. He pushed me and me he encouraged. ‘Come on, you can … if you want it, you can get it,’ he told me. I know he always supports me, “he declared.

In Do Dragao will be assisted in the bands by Pau Cebrián Devis and Roberto Díaz Pérez del Palomar, while another Spanish, Carlos del Cerro Grande, will be the fourth official; Alejandro José Hernández Hernández will be the VAR, in which it will be accompanied by Juan Martínez Munuera and Íñigo Prieto López by Cerain. The Polish Pawel gil complete training in video refereeing.

In this sense, he stressed that he would not have reached this stage of his career without his team: “We talk to each other, we encourage each other, we trust each other, we all know each other’s strengths. In the final, when we leave the locker room together and go to the field to warm upThat will be the moment when we look into each other’s eyes and say ‘we are really here … come on, let’s enjoy the moment, and then let’s play the best game possible.’

“In fact, it could be seen this way: a soccer team has 11 players … and we will have our own referee team of 11 people: the referee, two assistants, a fourth official, four colleagues who participate in the system of Video assistant referees (VAR), technicians, a monitor. Eleven people in our team, involved in a special situation and determined to do the best possible … “, he pointed.

Mateu lahoz He noted that the fact of having also been chosen for the European Championship is “another gift”, so they are “excited to spend another summer involved in something that is important” for their team.