Massive protest of the Arsenal fans

To the fans of Arsenal he does not like a hair the way he acts of his property in terms of the Super league. The ‘gunner’ team was one of its 12 founders and, despite the fact that afterwards they got off the boat together with the other five English teams that had boarded it, the fans do not forgive the owners of the club. Proof of this is what happened this Friday in the run-up to Arsenal-Everton, when hundreds of fans flocked to the outskirts of the Emirates Stadium to express their discontent towards Stan kroenke and company.

“We want our Arsenal back”, “Kroenke, go now ”and“ Our club, our house. Kroenke, sell ”were some of the messages that could be read on the different banners displayed by the‘ gunner ’fans. Everything indicates that the issue of Super league has been the last straw, since the fans of the Arsenal I was not at all happy with its owners even before what happened this last week.

Such was the commotion that was mounted, that while the game was being played a police helicopter was flying over the Emirates Stadium.