Massage room, bar, museum … Coutinho’s wife shows the ins and outs of her home

Large rest areas, bar and even a spa room! How they read it: a massage booth in which Philippe Coutinho can bounce back after matches and his wife, Ainee, you can pamper yourself whenever you need it.

But not only that: the living room area has become a real Museum. Boots, balls and more and more shirts with tremendous meaning for the Brazilian. And, each one of them represents some of the most significant moments in his career. Luxurious carpets, velvet sofas and furniture between avant-garde and elegant complete the decoration.

We have been able to discover all this thanks to Ainee, who wanted to thank Claudia and Patricia for their work. Two Brazilian decorators, architects of this authentic work of art. Your favorite part? A huge mirror with lights of those of the fashion sessions, in which make up becomes a pleasure.

The house is located in Rio de Janeiro, the hometown of both and where they met when they were just kids. That is why there, despite the fact that the midfielder has played in Europe for several years, they always find their home. In fact, whenever they have the opportunity they travel to Brazil to reunite with loved ones.

Philippe Coutinho poses with his wife Aina.