Mascherano, regretful of how he left Liverpool

Javier Mascherano has reviewed one of his most controversial episodes. The former Argentine footballer explains in FourFourTwo magazine how he left Liverpool, a traumatic goodbye due to the ways that created a bad atmosphere with the fans.

Liverpool fans weren’t happy with me at all and I fully understood why. On the other hand, the board at that time had promised me something and it was not keeping its word ”, the ‘Little Boss’ begins by commenting.

“There was an agreement between us that if Liverpool received a decent offer for me, they would allow me to leave. We had talked about extending my contract, but it seemed that the leaders did not care about me, ”says Mascherano.

Then came the change of coach and the subsequent offer from FC Barcelona, ​​a trigger for his continuity at the Anfield club.

“In the preseason after Rafa left, Hodgson arrived. We had a meeting with the managing director, Christian Purslow, who told me that I could go if a good offer came through. Then there was an offer on the table, but Liverpool were looking the other way ”.

“He was quite upset that they were not keeping their word. Refusing to play City was the way I found myself to show my anger. I had told the club that I wanted to leave for family reasons ”, clarifies Marcherano.

“So I was too angry to act the way I did. There was no other option; otherwise, Liverpool would not fulfill their promise ”, says the Argentine, who only has words of thanks for Liverpool fans.

“Yes, I am a Liverpool fan. I’m serious. Nobody has ever treated me as well as Liverpool supporters, never. During the three and a half years there, they made me feel like one of them, at home ”.

“That’s why I dedicated Barça’s victory in the 2011 Champions League final against Manchester United to them: it was the least I could do to return their money in any way. I knew they weren’t happy and I wanted to share the moment with them, ”explains Mascherano.