Martínez Feria: ‘You have to kill the Super League’

Federico Martínez Feria, general manager of Real Betis, has referred this Thursday to the sanction that the UEFA could impose on Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus for being the promoters of the Super League and that could lead to up to two years of exclusion from European competitions, which, if this next season is fulfilled, would allow the Real Betis Yet the Real society access the Champions, with all the economic benefits that this would bring to both clubs.

Martínez Feria has participated this Thursday, on behalf of the Real Betis, At a meeting in Madrid of the Club Advisory Platform, organized by the European Major Leagues, which has brought together more than 300 clubs -many electronically-, has had a The league as host and in which, among other issues, the Super league, a competition that does not take into account sporting merits to participate in it.

Questioned by the possible exclusion of Real Madrid and FC BarcelonMartínez Feria has commented on what would directly benefit Real Betis and Real Sociedad: “I am not the person who has to decide that. We are not happy with the situation. We would like this threat to go away. It is not up to us. The committee of UEFA it has the attributions and depending on the seriousness of the facts; will make the decision according to the regulations. We are not in the UEFA Committee and we do not have all the information. It is not up to us to position ourselves. We are very upset with the situation, it is not permissible for the uncertainty to continue. You have to kill the Super League “, said the sports director of the Real Betis.