Martín Lasarte: ‘The team will overcome this for sure’

The selector of chili, the Uruguayan Martin
Lasarte, affirmed that, despite the defeat on Friday against Brazil by 1-0 that eliminated her from the Cup
America, La Roja is happy for the improvements that were achieved in the team thinking about the World Cup qualifiers.

“The Copa América had these two facets: the Cup itself, from which we are leaving; and preparing a group and some players for what is to come,” Lasarte said, making it clear that his main objective is to qualify for the World Cup. of Qatar 2022.

“I am very proud of my players, of all of them. I know that it is not worth much, but there will be a lot of Chilean fans who understand me. The important thing is not so much the Copa América but what comes next. This is a transitional stage that will surely take us better prepared for the playoffs, “he added.

The coach said that no one in the Chilean Confederation told him that the goal was to reach the semifinals of the Copa América and that his only goal is to qualify Chile for the World Cup.

He added that Chile is leaving the Copa América with the problems it had until a month ago overcome and after having met players who can reinforce the team in the qualifying rounds, among which he mentioned Ben Brereton.

According to Lasarte, despite the elimination of the Copa América, Chile does not return to its country sad but very happy.

“The team will surely overcome this. There is time. And the America’s Cup will be a story,” he said.

Lasarte added that he took advantage of the tournament to fulfill his objective, which was to mix experienced players with some new ones to give them minutes and opportunity thinking about the future and the World Cup qualifiers. “In that we are satisfied,” he said.

“There are some players who have been gaining minutes and others who did not compete but trained and lived the experience of a Copa América. We are rewarded in what it means to have a greater number of footballers who accompany us and who can carry the weight in what we left of the playoffs, “he said.

He added that something that hurts him in the Copa América was the defeat in the match with Paraguay, which Chile could have beaten, and that left the team in fourth place in the Group A classification and forced them to face each other in the quarterfinals. to the favorite and local Brazil.

Regarding the match, he stated that Chile worked well in the first half and suffered a very quick goal in the second, but recovered.