Martín, humble: ‘Impossible to think about victory, six drivers would have to crash’

The Moto3 kid to whom the MotoGP Aleix Espargaró and Maverick Viñales, then their neighbors in Andorra, were looking for him and lending him their bikes to train is already one of them. It was known that Jorge Martin He is a very fast pilot, but without being able to do a preseason as God intended, which is what every rookie needs since there were no tests in 2020 and everything was focused on five days in Losail little could be expected that he would apply so quickly in his second GP. And congratulations came from all sides, from the members of the teams through which he passed his direct rivals. And his statements both to DAZN and at the press conference were shocking.


“It is very beast, it is very beast. The improvement I’m making is incredible. I don’t have to say anything, the times show it and right now I’m trying to focus on myself. I don’t watch times and I don’t focus on position or something. Yesterday the goal was to get into Q2, but today I didn’t expect to get pole and, when I saw that I was first, I said “host …”. It was not such a good lap. It was a difficult qualifying because I was with Pecco and I didn’t want to shoot and I thought I had to shoot because my wheels were going to get cold. There was no point in pulling him, but in the end I had no choice because he did not want to pull and did not know how much time was left. There was a fair lap and I did a great lap, without making any mistakes. I have tried to go to the limit but taking the steps that I had to take forward “


“I do not think that tomorrow we will fight to win, we are rookie, I do not have all this pressure or the potential to win. At the level of pace in FP4 we took a little step, but still 4 tenths behind these pilots and it is impossible to think about victory, six pilots would have to crash and it is not what I want, I want to beat them when I am ready, make a good start and manage the tires to have a good conservation at the end and when they overtake me try to follow them and improve my lines during the race “


“When I passed 53.1 I thought it was safe first, because I had seen 53.3 and I thought it was the ‘target’. So I thought it was first, but I saw that I was not on the panel among the first three and I thought ‘don’t screw me’. I even went out onto the gravel, because when I braked it was already too late, and by the time I saw that my number was up I freaked out. I was next to Aleix, who congratulated me first. And also Maverick. They are friends of mine and they have helped me a lot since I have been in Moto3 and I am finally here, so they too have their two cents. It has been incredible ”


“Well, I hope to get there first. I will try it because otherwise I would be losing that small advantage that I have of going in front and that allows me to control the tire management a little more, because you do not have to follow anyone. That is why I will try to make a good start to try to save the first laps, but it is clear that in the rhythm I have three or four tenths left to win “


“My goal is not to win tomorrow, that is obvious, and what I will do is try to save and if Maverick and Zarco pass me then try to beat them to see how far they can take me. I think that if I do a ‘top six’ it would be something very, very good, and above all, reduce the distance at the end with the head of the race. I see a lot of strong riders, Mir who comes out behind but he has the pace to make the podium. In the end all these riders will arrive and I hope to stay there in the group and see what happens in the end “

“Today is only Saturday, tomorrow comes the difficult thing, normally in the race you have to try to manage tires, we have improved a lot but my goal is not to win but to maintain concentration and the same pace throughout the race and I hope to have good tire conservation in the middle to be in the top-6 “


“You are asking me to compare a victory with a pole, and that is difficult, because winning is something different, the most you can do in a GP and also the best possible result for your work. This is just a pole. The first in MotoGP is something different too, but it is much better to win in Moto2 or Moto3 than to make pole in MotoGP “


“These bikes are fantastic to ride, I thought it would be more difficult. At the beginning everything is new and different and see that you can push to another level for the tires, the gearbox, the power. In the first race the front end was more worn and that’s why I was going to the limit, but I was not doing crazy things “