Martial’s wife: ‘I want him to play for Real Madrid’

Melanie she is the pretty one wife of Anthony Martial. But not only that. The 29-year-old gets her own money and refuses to be the “fortune hunter” that most people consider it. For this reason, he has now exploded in an interview for ‘Get French Football News’.

“It was never my idea to live my life depending on a man. I can understand that people have stereotypes about soccer players’ wives, because I had them too. It’s like “wow, nice cars, bags …”, but it’s not like that at all. People don’t know where the money comes from, how and why, ”the girl started.

And he continued: “Perhaps they are only left with the month they have on vacation in June, the beautiful holidays. But the rest of the year is not like that at all and it saddens me that we put all women in the same bag. I have been called a “gold digger”, but honestly it does not bother me. I accept that there is some that are like that, but it’s just a stereotype ”.

And the best example is herself: “The fact that we are not telling people about our lives does not mean that we are not doing anything. I handle several things ”, he assured Melanie while he has spoken about the infidel fame of footballers: “when you are with a footballer you know that there are women out there hanging around, but I get along quite well because I tell myself that I have been there for my husband in the moments that those people were not there ”, she concluded.

To end, Melanie He has confessed his wishes regarding the future of French: “I would love for him to play for Real Madrid. I’m sorry my love, but if I thought selfishly of myself I would say yes ”. And although it is by no means a confirmation, the weight that the family has in this type of decision is already known.

However, the young woman wanted to make it clear that whatever her decision is will support you: “The club you should go to is where it feels good. It’s the only thing I want. Even if he wants to play again in the sixth division with Ulis, I will be the number 1 fan ”, the United player’s wife has reaffirmed.