Marta López, contestant confirmed for ‘Survivors 2021’

Last weekend the participation in ‘Survivors 2021‘ of Alexia rivas, who starred a year ago in one of the biggest television scandals in times of confinement together with Alfonso Merlos Y Marta Lopez.

Since then, it has not stopped commenting that in the next edition of the Mediaset ‘reality’, the television collaborator could not be absent. And, indeed, this Friday ‘It’s already noon‘Has announced the news exclusively.

It should be remembered that Alexia rivas, a former ‘Socialité’ reporter, was the young woman who went viral when passed behind Alfonso Merlos in a swimsuit while he was doing an interview by video call in his house. At that time, the relationship between them was uncovered. A whole media scandal in the middle of a State of Alarm that even reached the United States, since the journalist I was publicly dating Marta López.

Marta López in ‘It’s already noon’.

In addition to having to live with the reporter, the former contestant of ‘Big Brother’ will coincide in Honduras with Sylvia Pantoja, cousin of Isabel Pantoja, the dancer Antonio Canales placeholder image, businessman Tom Brusse and fashion designer Olga Moreno, known for being a woman of Antonio David.

At the moment, no more contestants have been confirmed for this highly anticipated edition whose start is near. In fact, the contestants they will fly to the Central American country the last weekend of this month and, if there are no changes in the programming, the ‘reality’ would begin on Thursday, April 8.