Márquez: ‘What I did to Viñales is not pretty’

It is never a dish of good taste from the point of view of fans of this exciting sport to see how two champions of the height of Marc Márquez and Valentino Rossi are looking for wheels to guide them since Mugello Friday. But the current circumstances of both, one coming out of a serious injury and the other in the throes of his sports career, make them have to resort to the basics to survive. He has been criticized by the rest of the riders on the grid, but the first to recognize that it is not good to have to resort to following a wheel was Marc Márquez himself, who personally apologized to Maverick Viñales


“I met Maverick just as I was walking into the TV interview room and I said, ‘I understand you, excuse me, I understand how you feel because I have felt that way in the past.’ It was the only way to do something, to do something talking about eleventh place, not to do crazy things. It is clear that I would like to be in another situation. I would like to be in front and for them to follow me, but I also knew that I have limitations and that the only way to go a little further was to follow a rider “

“I have seen the list before going to qualifying and the fastest was Viñales. I have chosen him although I could have chosen another name but I have taken the fastest one to follow him. I did not expect to go to Q2 because then I have not been able to improve my time there either and I have not tried much, because I have some limitations that are there. It is true that it has been within the regulations, although very to the limit. It’s not pretty and I don’t like doing that either, but when you’re suffering there in any way because you are looking for the resources to get the most out of it and get the most out of it today it meant doing that strategy in qualifying, without bothering him by putting me in front. In the last lap I cut gas, I let him pull. I could have followed him the last lap but at the end I had also made my lap and it was already too much of a limit so I understand his anger. I have personally apologized to him “


“The arm is better. It is clear that he is better at the strength level but there are certain points, certain movements, in which he is quite stabilized and it is difficult for him to improve. This is where we are trying to understand what is happening and what is more stagnant in this sense is the shoulder. I mentioned it already on Thursday and we are trying to find out why, but hey, it’s normal, because in a recovery we focus first on the fracture. The fracture is fine, and then we focus on the elbow problems and those problems have been solved, and now comes the shoulder. We look for what limits us and that is where we look, but it is improving. This is the important thing, but it is true that the shoulder is quite stagnant at the level of pain and irritation.


“Yes it is true that perhaps I did not explain myself quite well. I was referring to the fact that since I returned to Portimao I had to test myself on the bike, aware that sometimes there are recoveries. In a recovery as difficult as the one I am having there are potholes and unforeseen events and one of the real options that there were after Portimao, like after Jerez or Le Mans, or here and in Montmeló is that for ‘x’ reasons you can lose a lot strength, lose control and yes, then it is better to stop “

“At the moment we have not reached that point, although it is true that now there will be two races in a row for the first time on circuits where, here due to the changes in direction, and in Montmeló due to the long curves to the right, the right arm will suffer more. but at the moment it is not the intention. If I’m here, it’s to go around. If you go faster you get more tired, if you go slower you get less tired. That is what I wanted to say, but since I started in Portimao and it does not mean that now it is worse. We are there trying to manage and every time new things are coming out that the arm also, according to the doctors, is readjusting to the positions of the motorcycle. “


“It is clear that the intention is to finish the race in a good state, driving in a good way, without causing the pain to skyrocket too much. That would mean that there would be irritation and next week it would be worse, so the intention is that, but anything can happen in a race, you can fall or you may have to retire, that is not known, but the intention is to finish the race and do my best and get an acceptable result. Right now in the situation we are in, it does not change much for us to finish the eighth, tenth, twelfth or fourteenth. We will simply try to accumulate kilometers that will also go well physically and it will be important “