Marino’s coach assures that they are not ‘to blame for anything’

The CD Marino coach, Quico de Diego, has assured that the Tenerife team is not “to blame for anything”, after it was known that three footballers of the team tested positive for coronavirus in the pregame test of the phase of promotion to Second Division B that he had to face Linares this Sunday in the Soccer City of Las Rozas (Madrid) and that, for that reason, he was suspended.

The sailor club technician has stated, in statements to Efe, that they have complied with all the safety and health measures established for avoid infections.

Diego’s Quico He has reported that they are waiting for further tests while he has said that it is still unknown at the moment what the Tenerife expedition will do in the next few hours.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) this afternoon reported the suspension of the phase of promotion to Second Division B, after knowing three positive cases of coronavirus in the Marine CD.

The coach recalled that on Thursday, before traveling, the tests were done COVID-19, who gave negatives throughout the team, and has insisted that they have complied with all security measures.