Marina (‘LIDLT’) Openly Talks About Her Romance With A Celebrity

Marina Garcia was unveiled in the latest edition of ‘The Island of Temptations‘And, in fact, became one of the protagonists of the’ reality ‘after starring in a Romance in your villa with Isaac, known as Lobo, and terminate his relationship with his partner at that time, Jesus. As a result of her participation in the program, the Sevillian gained fame and achieved success on social networks, where she accumulates hundreds of thousands of followers.

But its popularity has gone beyond Instagram and has become one of the new faces of Mtmad. On the Mediaset platform, the young woman has with its own channel, in which he talks about all kinds of issues, both his public life and his private life. A few days ago, for example, it revealed that has reconciled with her ex-boyfriend, Jesus, although it seems that they only maintain a friendship.

This week, Marina’s friends have been on her channel and have shared some matters of the Andalusian’s personal life. And among other issues, they have confessed that a couple of years ago, The Sevillian, being single, had a relationship with a famous whom he met at a disco. Information that has caused confusion, since when Marina and Jesús participated in ‘The Island of Temptations’ they explained that they had been together for five years.

Marina García and her friends on her Mtmad channel.

Marina García could have been with Alejandro Nieto (‘GH VIP’), according to ‘What do you say to me’

But it is not the first time that this issue has been discussed: the magazine ‘Qué me dices’ already echoed this information last February, shortly after the broadcast of the third edition of the successful ‘reality’ of Mediaset. This media then assured that Marina would have had an affair with Alejandro Nieto, former contestant of ‘Big Brother VIP’.

However, in Mtmad’s video neither Marina nor her friends reveal the name of this famous, so it might not be Grandson. What it does explain Wake, one of the friends of the Sevillian, is that they met in a nightclub in southern Andalusia and that it was she who approached the boy to introduce him to Marina. Estela affirms that this person is now like her “brother”, implying that at least she continues to maintain contact with this person.

Marina García and her friends on her Mtmad channel.

Marina García and her friends on her Mtmad channel.

Marina’s friends have also clarified that when the ‘influencer’ met this famous man, a few years ago, I was not with Jesus. And it is that during the years that they were together, the couple broke their relationship several times, although temporarily. Likewise, Marina’s guests assure that despite the break they like Jesus very well and that, in fact, they prefer the Sevillian before Isaac. “Jesus is a very good boy and we like him very much, but it is true that Marina could see that she was not happy with him”, They comment on the video.