Marina is comfortable with her ex Isaac and her friend Lucia, who are now together

Isaac, alias ‘El Lobo’, and Marina they left ‘The Island of Temptations’ together and happy. As if it were two teenagers in love, the couple toured Spain from north to south (and never better said, since he is Catalan and she is Sevillian) showing off their love. But just a few months later all that love was gone.

It was then that the crossing of reproaches and insults began. But the strongest of all, without a doubt, was the reason for the break up. A third person. But not just anyone: Lucy!! the one that during the contest had risen as the inseparable of Marine and a good friend of Isaac.

Lucia at the bonfire of confrontation.

At first, the new couple tried to deny it by all means assuring that they only maintained a good friendship. But soon after, unsurprisingly, photos of them and various evidence began to appear in Instagram that left them in evidence.

The betrayal was such that Marina has not yet managed to recover and now she has wanted to send them a “little message” through her social networks: “Among my 1,000 defects I have one that is the worst: blindly trusting people. It’s a shame the coldness, cruelty and disgust that exists inside many of them ”, the one in Mairena del Alcor has started.

However, the young woman wanted to make it clear that she does not regret her performance on the island and after the ‘reality show’ despite the pain: “NI will never regret anything. Just spending so much time living in a story and not a fairy tale, a lie ”, he has settled.

Marina and Isaac in 'The Island of Temptations 3'.
Marina and Isaac in ‘The Island of Temptations 3’.